Monster Be Gone Spray

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The Wild Cauldron Monster Be Gone (8 oz bottle) is a basic smudge spray for kids. Let them take charge of banishing their monsters and claiming their space. Dominant notes of lavender and chamomile over lemon, cedar and sage with a pinch of sea salt. Contains quartz crystal and amethyst for extra monster banishing boost and to promote good dreams.

Shake well, spray in corners, under the bed, by the closet...anywhere you think monsters may be. Tell them they aren't welcome, that it's your space and you need a good night's rest #thewildcaulron #monsterbegone #monsterbegonespray #smudgespray #smudgesprayforkids #reclaimyourspace #goodnightandsweetdreams #thewitchisin

5.25.2020 Packaging shape and color may vary due to availability until further notice.

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