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Please contact orders@thewildcauldron.com regarding any order discrepancies withing 48 hours of receipt.  Please provide order number, issues and photos, if possible.  We do not except returns of any opened personal hygiene product (soap, lotion, perfume, etc.) for health reasons.  Please check your packaging prior to opening.  We’re human.  If we sent the wrong thing by accident, we are more than happy to replace anything as long as it wasn’t open.

If for some reason we need to issue a refund, they are done every Friday before close of business (6pm EST).

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It is not recommended to use certain essential oils or essential oil products while pregnant or nursing; for children or animals; taken internally without proper consultation; or applied directly to the skin without dilution.  Again, we are not medical professionals and it is your responsibility to research and consult a medical professional as necessary.

The Wild Cauldron makes no medical claims, and therefore is not registered with the FDA.  Products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease or ailment.  All products are used at your own risk.

Use caution when using any wax products, warming oils and/or accessories, products get hot.  Do not leave open flames unattended.  Use of all products are at your own risk.

All metaphysical purchases cannot be “guaranteed” to be life-changing.  As with all things magical, it is about emotion, desire and intent.  There is not a “cure-all” fix for anything in life.  Please go in love and light.

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